X-factor is more

Ximore (ɛksɪmɔr) is a company made for great ideas. We provide consultation, planning, and development for start-ups carrying a greater vision. more Initially we were an IT consultancy, helping bigger companies to expand in technology and service, and with this technical know-how, Ximore has been able to provide other start-ups and businesses, the tools needed to get further.

Ximore is an equity-based company, currently now leading development for companies like Phoobs, Hand it Over, and recently Vegiway - providing technical solutions, research & discovery, and planning and development of their respective services together with the original creators. We are able to provide these services due to our partnerships and collaborators, and by taking part in the development of a new idea, a level of engagement is built up to provide the best value possible.

It is all about the "X-factor". As the company name suggests, it is an abbreviation of "X-factor is more". Being different and dare to dream big, be true to your vision and goals, and have the courage to take action are all key elements that essentially creates the X-factor that Ximore believes in. One thing is to have a great idea, but it all comes down to the person that wants to make it happen.

As a whole, we believe in ideas that possibly can have an innovative impact by yet being a simple solution. We believe in Innovation through Simplicity - based on a quote by Co-founder Phill Jens Bramsted.

Real innovation is not found by focusing on enhancing and improving today's technologies. Real innovation is found when you can facilitate and simplify the access to tomorrow's technology. Phill Jens Bramsted President & Co-founder

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I want to thank you for stepping by and for taking the time to read our little story. It is not much, but in the end it is all about you. Should you carry a great idea, but need the help to make it happen, we would be glad to hear about it. I am sure we will be able to make something happen.

C. P. Bramsted CEO